About the Association of Museums and ICOM Israel



The Association of Museums and ICOM Israel is a registered non-profit organization (per Israel's Associations Law) whose major goals are:

* To promote collaboration and partnerships between museums and museum professionals in Israel.

* To organize activities for professional divisions based on museological themes determined and defined by the Paris-based ICOM (International Council of Museums). The divisions are independent, adhere to ICOM International Committees' principles, and maintain close contact with the Association.

* To ensure professional advancement of museum staff by organizing professional conferences, granting stipends and scholarships, publishing useful information and articles on museum-related themes, etc.


The Association maintains the principles of ICOM. It serves as the recognized national committee representing Israel in ICOM, an organization affiliated with UNESCO.


The Association of Museums and ICOM Israel

P.O.B. 605

Rishon Le Zion 7510601, Israel

Tel: +972-3-9565977  fax: +972-3-9565788




ICOM Israel – Members of the Board of Directors


Nava Kessler – Chair

Director of Rishon Le Zion Museum, Rishon Le Zion

Tel: +972-3-9598860; Mobile: +972-54-9722052



Raz Samira – Deputy Chair

Curator of Modern Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

Tel: +972-3-6077091; Mobile: +972-54-7872879



Shir Meller Yamaguchi – Board Member

Curator of the Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea

Tel: +972- 4-9843048; mobile: +972- 50-7548009



Vivian Uria – Board Member

Director, Museum Wing, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Mobile: +972- 50-2007068



Rachel Silko – Board Member

Director, Bet Hagdoodim Museum; rep. of the Museum Unit at the Ministry of Defense

Tel: +972- 9-8822212; Mobile: +972- 50-6299416



Liora Shani – Board Member

Director, Convention and Event Center, Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People

Tel: +972-3-7457881; Mobile: +972-52-6130526



Moran Attir – Board Member

Director of Public Relations and Advertising, Haifa Museums, Haifa

Tel: +972-4-9115999; Mobile: +972-50-2215995



Nitza Bashkin Joseph – Board Member

Curator of Archaeology, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Tel: +972-3-7455744; Mobile: +972-54-5288051



Dr. Robert Kool – Board Member

Curator and Researcher, Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem

Tel: +972-2-5638421; Mobile: +972-52-5991782



Dr. Eran Arieh – Board Member

Deputy Curator of Archaeology, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Tel: +972-3-6851871; Mobile: +972-52-2307394



Tal Zor – Board Member

Mobile: +972-52-6324842





Aliza Polger Galili – Administrative Manager

Tel: +972-3-9565977; Fax: +972-3-9565788; Mobile: +972-54-4878718, Icom98@netvision.net.il


Atzmon Yaniv, Advocate – Legal Advisor



Yardena Weisenberg – Chair of the Audit Committee






January 2017